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2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

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Not Only Apples

Peel potatoes, pears, and other round fruits/vegetables.

High Quality Materials

Made from heavy duty steel.

Shipping Information

Shipping typically arrives within 10 business days. You can always contact us at for any questions about your order.

  • Quick Peeling
  • Pain-Free
  • Free Shipping
Your purchase is protected for 24 months from the day you receive it.
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Say hello to easy peeling.

with The CrankMaster

Let's make peeling easy

... together!

Fastest peeler on the market

They can copy, but they can't perform! The CrankMaster is the fastest and most useful peeler on the market.

Certified comfort for arthritis sufferers

Without any painful movements, you can easily peel your fruit or vegetable with a few turns of the crank!

Healthier produce

Remove harmful pesticides which linger on the peel of your produce!

Easy to use